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Pursue Excellence, Eyes on the Future
——Fujian Jinlun High Fiber Co., Ltd.

  Acceptance Speech:
  Awards are honor and power, Jinlun will continue to pursue excellent management for sustainable development!

——Zheng Baoyou

  Fujian Jinlun High Fiber Co., Ltd., founded in 2003 with a registered capital of RMB 500 million, was reformed from Sino-foreign joint venture—Fujian Jinlun Petrochemical Fiber Industrial Co., Ltd. It is located at Binhai Industrial Zone, Changle, Fujian. The company is the largest dacron manufacturer in Fujian and covers an area of 800,000m2.


The company completely introduces excellent performance management mode in 2011 to improve operation capability thoroughly and enhance its competitiveness in chemical fiber market. In the light of excellent performance management framework, and combination with actual conditions, the company makes an overall and scientific evaluation on strategy, marketing, supplier and production management, develops scientific and quantizable measurement index, discovers the main advantages and improvement space, and establishes a systematic performance improvement program to put the excellent performance management into effect, so that the company will stride forward excellent management from outstanding management based on strategy-oriented performance management mode.


Technology improves environment and creates strength. For this, the company is striving to introduce advanced production equipment and technologies to be in line with the world’s advanced technologies. In November 2010, the company invested RMB1.8 billion in the world’s most advanced German technology and equipment for construction of four short fiber production lines and 16 filament production lines which will realize an annual production capacity of over 900,000 tons at sales revenue of RMB 12 billion as predicated once constructed and put into production. With rapid development, the company has been committed to input and researches on environmental protection, and invested a large sum of money to purchase high-quality environmental protection equipment and finish 10 sets of dedusting and desulfurization facilities and 2 sets of sewage treatment facilities, and realized the virtuous cycle development of environment and economy by attentions to energy conservation, emission reduction and environment protection. Along the way, the company has made many outstanding achievements, and further enhanced comprehensive strength and steady development!


For the company, the culture is a soft power, the intangible assets and impetus for sustainable development. Since the company introduced excellent performance management mode in 2011, the company has been deeply aware of the significance of culture for sustainable development. Therefore, by discussion and selection of staff and the research of senior leaders, the company further evaluates and promotes construction of corporate culture, puts forward the mission of “Provide the Best, Healthy and Eco-friendly Chemical Fibers for People to Create a Healthy and Comfortable Life” and the spirit of “People Foremost, Creditable Operation, Endless Pursuit of Quality”, and implants them into every aspect of production and management, which greatly motivates the zeal and fighting will of staff and plays a significant role in promoting the harmonious development of the company.

People rush for tides when it is rising, and set sail when it is strongly windy. In the vision of “Forge Chinese Famous Brand, Become the World’s Best Chemical Fiber Supplier”, the company will take the road of excellence as usual to reach a new high and write a new chapter.