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Our leaders and leading team make the overall strategic direction, by which leads the company to pursue corporate mission, vision and objective unremittingly, strengthen core values, and be devoted to tackling all strategic challenges confronted, and more progress will be made in the culture as the company grows in strength gradually.

To balance the demands of stakeholders including customers, shareholders, suppliers, staff and the society, our senior leaders, with review on development history and business environment and reflection on the future direction, revalue and define corporate culture and make corporate mission, vision, core values and spirit clear by wide and multichannel discussions in the company and visits and communication with customers in the method of "leaders and staff work together to make it best" with the help of professional advisory bodies.

Mission—Provide the Best, Healthy and Eco-friendly Chemical Fibers for People to Create a Healthy and Comfortable Life
Vision—Forge Chinese Famous Brand, Become the World's Best Chemical Fiber Supplier
Core Values—People-oriented, Creditable, Innovative, Healthy
Spirit—"People Foremost, Creditable Operation, Endless Pursuit of Quality"