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Recruitment brochure

    Jinlun Fiber Shareholding is a Sino foreign joint venture in Fujian Province, located in Changle Binhai Industrial Zone, covers an area of 800 thousand square meters. Staff more than 1 thousand and 600 people, senior engineering and technical personnel of more than and 200 people. Our main products are polyester staple fiber, polyester pre oriented yarn, polyester stretch yarn, polyester chip, the annual output of 500 thousand tons. Now expand production, the company's new three, the project is the four phase of the project and the filament of 200 thousand tons of staple fiber has been put into production of 300 thousand tons.

   According to the company's plant slope near the sea, lush trees, surrounded by greenery, beautiful scenery, convenient traffic, is a garden type factory. The factory is equipped with expert building, apartment type staff dormitory, two people, equipped with kitchen and bathroom, furniture, air conditioning, hot water. Dining room, ball room, gym and other entertainment facilities.

  The introduction of new projects in Germany has the world's leading equipment technology and advanced production technology, production processes all intelligent system control. Due to the expansion of production, the need to introduce a number of technical personnel and hundreds of ordinary men and women employees, 2200 yuan in the recent period of staff training start, the rapid increase in wages. To work a full year to enjoy the service award and increased year by year, 8 hours of work, three shifts a day system, the labor intensity is small.

  New employees to report to the company that is arranged for staff to stay in the apartment style dormitory (with air conditioning, water heater), and provide food subsidies. The company take the humanized management, focus on corporate culture, to make every employee feel like home business, company leaders repeatedly carry out sports activities, mingle with the majority of employees, truly “ business leaders have employees, employees have leadership."