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Talent Strategy

Jinlun Fiber Shareholding will rely on the international competition consciousness, ability to create first-class performance of the staff team, so that the company has become an international and domestic competitive chemical fiber manufacturing enterprises.
  In the next five to ten years, in order to achieve this goal, in a more intense and ever-changing competitive environment to open up new business, talent will become the key resources for enterprises to accelerate the development of.
  We look forward to excellent talents with wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity to join our company, and we meet opportunities and challenges.

Compensation principle
  High fiber has always adhered to the people-oriented business philosophy, in order to better reflect the salary and welfare incentive mechanism and play to attract and retain the role of high-quality talent, the company identified the basic principles of compensation management:
  ——Set up a competitive market salary system.
  ——Pay level is suitable for the development of labor productivity.
  ——The variable part of compensation is directly related to the performance, and the proportion varies with the skill.
  ——Support the development of different career paths.

Employee welfare
  Companies to set up a multi-level and multi angle for the welfare of employees:
  ——To meet the conditions for medical staff, pension, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance.
  ——Provide dormitory and necessary living facilities.
  ——Employees are entitled to annual leave.
  ——The company is concerned about the health of employees, and arrange physical examination every year.

Training and education
  Should know the training: company profile, the company spirit, rules and regulations, quality, system, process, equipment, safety and health, life etiquette.
  Training: familiar with the department responsibilities, job responsibilities, according to the work instructions and skilled operation skills.
  Training: project management, project quality, enhance skills, special operations training, project training, training more skilled positions.
  Internal and external training.

Career development
  Jinlun Fiber Shareholding always adhere to the people-oriented concept of employment, training for enterprises with international quality and international competitiveness of talent.
  Jinlun Fiber Shareholding business development process in recent years proved that both young college graduates, or engineers, sales staff, or all kinds of management personnel, in the business development and the grand cause of Jin Lun high fiber change rapidly in all can find their own dance talent.
  Exciting career to attract them to strive for effective development system to lead them to enhance their personal business skills and professional quality.