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Because the project needs to recruit 300 employees to the community

One,Job requirements
1, aged 18 to 45 years old, healthy, normal vision, part of the work can adapt to shift;
2, polyester staple fiber, filament (POY, FDY, DTY) working experience is preferred.
Binhai Industrial Zone Changle City Fujian China

Two, treatment
1, monthly salary of 2000 yuan -5000 yuan (new employee training during the start of the work of the yuan to enjoy a full year of service award and increase year by year, go to work every day for 8 hours), the annual salary of $2000
2, the company arranged for staff to enter the free apartment style dormitory (with air conditioning, water heater), and provide food subsidies;

Three, candidates should provide the following materials:
1, ID card and copy;
2, the highest education and a copy of the original;
3, other relevant documents (such as skills training certificate, etc.)

Four, Contact Information
1、Contact:Mr. Gao  Ms. Qiu
2、Tel:18659100638    0591-28761816
3、Company Address:Binhai Industrial Zone Changle City Fujian China (Changle City, Jiang Tian Zhen Zhang ban around the island opposite the gas station 300 meters, can be in the South Station bus station, the bus ride to the river, White Lake Pavilion to get off at the gas station)。