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See Fujian Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Company Limited to be "10 billion"

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        At present, the province, Fuzhou city has put the cultivation and growth of enterprises as an important link in transfer mode, adjusting the structure, Hing Industry, I also is to organize the implementation of leading project construction development action plan, efforts to cultivate and strengthen leading enterprises, guidance and support development of small and medium-sized enterprises more stronger, thereby accelerating the industrial agglomeration, enhance the economic aggregate, lay a solid foundation for the scientific development of leap forward development. At present, there are 10 enterprises among the top 100 manufacturing industry leading projects across the province this year (a total of Fuzhou City, 23). We also hope that with the implementation of the "action plan", more Changle enterprises grow into the leading enterprises, leading the industry development. Therefore, in this period, this newspaper will be launched "catch bibcock, Hing Industry" series of reports, make readers a glimpse of bibcock enterprise style.

         Last year, our city textile industry output value exceeded 100 billion yuan, becoming the county of our province and our country's rare billion industry cluster. At present, our annual output value over 100 million yuan of chemical fiber enterprises 21, ultra 1000000000 yuan of 8, ultra billion 4.
In the textile industry system, Fujian Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Company Limited enterprises output value exceeding 10 billion yuan, become Changle and Fuzhou area first output value of over 10 billion yuan of textile enterprises. Company chairman Zheng Baoyou to break through "to summarize the cause of tens of billions of" out of the two points: one is the enterprise accelerate the transformation and upgrading, increase fission bigger volume, on the other hand, thanks to the Changle textile industry cluster growing.
The transformation and upgrading, capital fission
         Fujian Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Company Limited founded in 2003, mainly the production of polyester filament, polyester staple fiber. Fujian Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Company Limited the priority among priorities technology transformation and mechanization as the textile industry.
         "We shop machine is the most advanced in the world, and every year to invest a lot of money to improve the process, improve the quality and performance of products, in line with the world advanced technology. In 2010 invested 1800000000 yuan, using the German international most advanced technology and equipment, expanded 4 staple fiber production line and 16 filament production lines, have been completed and put into operation." Fujian Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Company Limited production manager Gao Siyang introduction.
         At present, Fujian Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Company Limited with 450000 tons of differential polyester staple fiber production line 7, 450000 tons of differential polyester filament production line 26, annual production of 500000 tons of polyester staple fiber and polyester filament yarn 500000 tons, annual production value of up to 120 - 15000000000 yuan, the annual profit can exceed 500000000 mark.
         At the same time, enterprises to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, optimization and transformation of energy saving and environmental protection facilities in. "Our company spared no expense to buy qualified environmental protection equipment, the construction of the 10 sets of dust removal and desulfurization treatment facilities and 2 sets of sewage treatment facilities, in Protect environment but also save the cost, to achieve a virtuous circle of development of environment and economy," Gao Siyang told reporters, "the company only a spinning evaporator transformation projects every year can save 11567000 yuan. At present the festival consumption of 17795000 Kwh, the annual energy saving 2188.8 tons of standard coal equivalent." This area of Changle's large-scale manufacturing enterprises and make a positive role model.
         Based on the industrial cluster growing Chemical fiber industry is an important sector of the textile industry in our city, come 10 years, chemical fiber industry has entered a period of great development, constantly improve the technology content. Despite the downturn in global market demand, I chemical fiber industry is still expanding the production line to meet the market demand, the realization of the rose.
         Fujian Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Company Limited continued to increase in the textile production at the same time, how to solve the outlet problem? Zheng Baoyou said, only Changle City digestion Jin Lun high fiber company nearly 70% products.
         Changle is one of China's three largest textile production base, in Changle on the warp knitting enterprises nearly 769, cotton spinning enterprises also have a considerable scale, one of the main raw material for polyester staple fiber, filament product demand is huge. So Jin Lun high fiber company can own products sell to these many enterprises in the city, also make the downstream enterprises buy stability of quality raw materials at home can, greatly reducing the operation cost of downstream enterprises, push the development of downstream business growth, and increase the scale of these enterprises are also driving the Jin Lun high fiber companies continue to expand production capacity. So, Zheng Baoyou mentioned in the mentioned products sale, for the company, annual output value of 10 billion, he was not an accident.
         According to the introduction, since 2010, the city a total of 62 textile enterprises to implement technological transformation projects, invested more than 8000000000 yuan, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment nearly 3000 Taiwan (sets). At present, Changle cotton textile enterprises have automatic winding machine more than 1000 Taiwan, warp knitting industry has the world's most advanced imported equipment 7000 taiwan.
         In addition, by encouraging and guide a group of textile leading enterprises through capital fission, shares, amalgamation reconstruction way rapidly bigger volume, Jin Lun high fiber in this played a very good leading and exemplary role. According to the characteristics of the textile industry advantages mainly concentrated in the middle of the chain, the key to extend to the nylon filament yarn, nylon polymerization industry chain.

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