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  • Name: Dacron Short Fiber
  • No.: DL004
  • Added time: 2017-04-07
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Features of Dacron Fiber
The strength of dacron fiber is about two times that of cotton and four times that of wool, so the dacron fabric is strong and durable.
Heat Resistance: It can be used at the temperature of 70-170°C, and owns the best heat resistance and heat stability among synthetic fiber.
Elasticity: The elasticity of dacron is similar with wool, the crease resistance is better than other fibers, no crease of dacron fabric, good shape-preserving property
Wearability: The wear resistance of dacron ranks only second to chinlon among synthetic fiber.
Water Absorbency: The moisture regain of dacron is low. Dacron owns good insulating property, but poor dyeing property due to large static electricity caused by friction because of low water absorption.

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