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  • Name: FDY
  • No.: DL002
  • Added time: 2017-04-26
  • Views : 677

Properties: High strength, good molding property, uniform fineness, strength, elongation and dyeing, etc.

Application: It can meet the requirements of high-speed warping machine and high-speed shuttleless loom and can be directly used for knitting and warp knitting. It is widely applied to polyester taffeta, polar fleece, single sided velvet, clinquant velvet, mercerized velvet, corduroy, speckled velvet, warp knitted velvet, warp knitted short hair velvet, warp knitted striped velvet, warp knitted panne velvet, warp knitted eyelet fabric, warp knitted mercerized silk, loop velvet, panne velvet, five-harness sateen, polyester taffeta, mercerized silk, water jet light textile (imitated silk fabric), water jet eight-harness sateen, weft oxford fabric, checkered oxford fabric, jacquard curtain, print curtain and other fabrics.

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